Pilates Mat

Rp 849,000.00

Pilates Mat

Rp 849,000.00


Thicker than yoga mat, provides full support for your spine.

With thickness of 1,5 cm, this mat is the excellent choice for practicing pilates at home, as well as for professional use in a studio setting. The density of this mat thoroughly cushioned your spine for supine exercise. What's more it protects you from tailbone pain, as well as enhancing your performance on pilates hundred or rolling like a ball.

Enhance your exercise quality:

1. Durable mat made from thick rubber

2. Anti skid and non slip on one side, smooth surface allows easeness when exercise on the other side

3. Soft and comfortable, protects spine from hard surface beneath the mat

4. Light and easy to clean with antibacterial wipes

5. Rollable, easy to carry with mat strap.


Length : 183 cm

Width : 61 cm

Thickness: 1.5 cm

The mat can also be used for:



- Functional Exercises

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